Enrichment Classes

Another wonderful way for your child to learn and grow at Aldrich! To supplement the traditional preschool program, we offer a variety of enrichment classes for children. Enrollment for these classes begins in June, and registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis. Children must have turned 3 years old by 9/1 of the current school year to attend enrichment classes.

About the Classes

Our once a week, short-term enrichment opportunities are the perfect way for your child to explore their interest and aptitude for new topics. This year, we will be offering Sports Adventures, Little Chefs, Mini Scientists, Bend and Boogie, Wacky Weather, and Spy Kids. The deadline for registering for each class is the Friday before class begins.

2020-2021 Rate per Four-Week Class: Classes discontinued due to COVID-19.
Game On
(October 1/2- October 22/23)

Sports help children develop physical skills, improve self-esteem, make friends and HAVE FUN!  This class will introduce many sports and fitness elements to foster a love for play and joy of the game!

World Chefs
(October 29/30- November 19/20)

Come travel the world… of food! We’ll stamp our passports and cook up wonderful new hands-on recipes from around the globe! This class teaches healthy eating habits and introduces children to different cultures. Children will be encouraged to try new foods and practice counting & measuring, all while having fun in the kitchen.

Timeless Art
(January 7/8-January 28/29)

Every culture and time has art. In this class we will look at some of the art from different times and places. We will use some of the iconic techniques like mosaic and fresco to make our own creations. Yes, preschoolers can do this!

Kitchen STEAM
(February 4/5- February 25/26)

Art, math, and science can all be found in the kitchen, from painting with Kool-Aid to fun experiments with kitchen ingredients. Join us as we explore all the fun we can have in the kitchen!

Little Zoologist
(March 3/4- March 24/25)

We’ll explore lands near and far, vast oceans, and open air while our little zoologists learn about some of the amazing creatures who share our planet!

Spy Kids
(April 7/8- April 28/ April 29)

Imaginary spy school will help children develop the powers of observation, listening skills and memory. We will work through these skills with hands-on experiences. With a mystery story, like “Where are the Missing Cookies,” the class will ask questions and use their five senses to unlock the power of investigation and solve the mystery.