The Big Playdate


First Saturday of May    |    Aldrich “Backyard”


Our 2024 Big Playdate is May 4 from 9:30-11:30am!

About the Event

At Aldrich School, we pride ourselves on creating a unique environment where all children can thrive – as little learners, as kind friends, as curious explorers of our world.  Since its inception in 1944, Aldrich School has been committed to be a welcoming place for all preschool students regardless of race, religion, creed, or financial status.


From 1952 to 2019, the Annual Carnival that was coordinated by our Board of Directors was Aldrich’s largest fundraiser.  Proceeds from the event supported our financial aid program, which awarded tuition assistance to families who might not otherwise be able to attend Aldrich.


Unfortunately, the Annual Carnival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID pandemic.  In 2022, our Board of Directors reimagined the event and developed “The Big Playdate“.  The Big Playdate is the culminating event to our Spring Fundraising Drive that begins in April.  During the Spring Fundraising Drive, our desire is to bolster our long-established Scholarship Fund and (new in 2024) build our Facilities Upgrade Fund by asking Families and Friends of Aldrich to contribute financially.  The money raised during this timeframe is used to expand our reach and bring new students to the school who might otherwise be unable to attend, as well as continue the ongoing work of upgrading resources for all our children.


We celebrate replenishing our Scholarship Fund and building our Facilities Upgrade Fund at The Big Playdate, held in the Aldrich “backyard” on the first Saturday in May!  It is a laid back, family focused event that allows bonus PLAYtime on our Outdoor Classrooms with special treats and fun for all.