Why Aldrich?

Aldrich holds a special place in the hearts of countless children and families. Our curriculum has prepared preschoolers for kindergarten and beyond for more than 80 years.  The Aldrich program provides a learning environment based on developmentally appropriate experiences in all areas of growth.  We believe social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development are equally important.



Aldrich has a rich history and quality reputation in the Rochester community. Pediatricians and child psychiatrists, including Dr. Benjamin Spock, were involved in a Mayo Clinic study of child development in the 1940s which eventually led to the inception of Aldrich.



As a nonprofit organization, Aldrich is fortunate to have an active Board of Directors which provides families with opportunities such as a fall festival, book fair, spring carnival, parent outreach classes, family restaurant nights, and much more. We embrace diversity, and are fortunate to have a student body that reflects that value in culture, race, financial status, and ability.



We promote child-directed, hands-on learning which helps prepare children for life beyond kindergarten. Children learn through experimentation, manipulation, observation, and social interaction. Aldrich is nationally accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC.)



When a child enters an Aldrich classroom, he/she is given every opportunity to explore, wonder, problem solve, collaborate, communicate, and create. We will be messy! We will be creative! We will be challenged! We will have fun! And most importantly, we will LEARN – all through the power of play!

Our Facility

Our current building opened in 1991 and was specifically designed for early childhood learning. It has nine classrooms–each with direct access to an outdoor classroom and child-sized restroom–four outdoor classrooms, a bike path, two indoor playrooms, a conference room, and a library.

Why the turtle?

The turtle has been associated with Aldrich School throughout its rich history. In 1968, one of Jim Miller-Melberg’s iconic turtle play sculptures was donated to Aldrich. The turtle sculpture became and remains a beloved piece at Aldrich and is still present in Outdoor Classroom 1. It was later adopted as the school symbol.

The school symbol of a turtle symbolizes two very important themes that are central at Aldrich School: the importance of children learning at their own pace, and a reminder to not rush childhood.