The overall goal of the Aldrich program is to provide a safe, happy, growth-enhancing group experience for each child. We offer programs from ages 2-5.


Our once a week, short-term enrichment opportunities are the perfect way for your child to explore their interest and aptitude for new topics. 

Extended Care

Extension classes give children more time to play at school while allowing their families more flexible drop-off and pick-up times. 


Outdoor + Indoor Playgrounds


Established in


Years of Experience


Compassionate Teachers + Staff

What is Aldrich?

What is Aldrich, and why is it so important to so many families? An owner of Shattered Prism Studios is an Aldrich alumnus turned Aldrich parent. We are grateful to their studio for sharing this story of our school.

Our Legacy

Aldrich has a rich history and quality reputation in the Rochester community. Pediatricians and child psychiatrists, including Dr. Benjamin Spock, were involved in a Mayo Clinic study of child development in the 1940s which eventually led to the inception of Aldrich. 

Why the turtle?

The school symbol of a turtle symbolizes 2 very important themes that are central at Aldrich School: the importance of children learning at their own pace, and a reminder to not rush childhood.

The turtle has been associated with Aldrich throughout its rich history. In 1968, a turtle playground structure was donated to Aldrich in memory of an Aldrich student who died in a car accident. The turtle statue became and remains a beloved piece at Aldrich and is still present on Playground 2. It was later adopted as the school symbol.

Tour Aldrich School

Want to learn more? Choose a tour time that works for you and your family. We can’t wait to see you!

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